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2019-2020 Employee Handbook 
2019-2020 Employee Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

17. Employee Benefits

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17.1 Health Coverage Information 17.10 Retirement Plan
17.2 Healthcare Plan for Employees 17.11 Resources for Living Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
17.3 Dental Insurance 17.12 AHU Tuition Benefit
17.4 Cancer & Other Specified Diseases 17.13 Health Club Membership Reimbursement
17.5 Short-Term Disability 17.14 AdventHealth Rewards: Merchant Discounts
17.6 Long-Term Disability 17.15 Event Ticket Discounts
17.7 Life Insurance 17.16 AH Credit Union
17.8 Vision Care 17.17 Personal Information Access
17.9 Flexible Spending Accounts  



17.1 Health Coverage Information

Employees of AHU receive healthcare benefits from the integrated delivery system of AdventHealth which are subject to change from year to year. For questions regarding current healthcare benefits, reference the AdventHealth Employee Health Care Plan and Network Directory.  

17.2 Healthcare Plan for Employees

The employee healthcare plan provides medical coverage options for hospitalization and other major medical services at a minimal cost to full-time and eligible part-time employees. As a full-time employee, you are required to have this coverage unless you show satisfactory proof of coverage under another plan.  There are two medical plans to choose from:  The Health Savings Plan or the Traditional Plan.

17.3 Dental Insurance

Dental insurance coverage is designed to help ease the financial burden of dental expenses. You may choose to cover yourself, your spouse and your dependents up to the end of the month of their 26th birthday. You can choose between Delta Dental PPD or Delta Care USA Managed Care.

17.4 Cancer and Other Specified Diseases

The Cancer and Other Specified Diseases Plan is designed to pay cash benefits directly to you in addition to any other medical plan you may have in the event that you or a covered family member is diagnosed with cancer or one of the other specified diseases.

17.5 Short-Term Disability

Short-term disability coverage is offered to those who work 32 or more hours per pay period to provide monthly financial protection should you become ill or injured (non-work related) and unable to work.  

17.6 Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability coverage is offered to provide you with financial protection for more serious or longer term disabilities. Coverage under this plan is available to full-time employees only. 

17.7 Life Insurance

Basic Group Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance in the amount of your annual salary (plus an equal amount in the event of accidental death) is provided by your employer to all full-time employees. Eligible part-time employees may also participate for a minimal monthly cost. You may purchase additional insurance in an amount equal to one, two, or three times the amount of your annual salary. Dependent life insurance may also be purchased.

17.8 Vision Care

Vision Insurance is offered to eligible full-time and part-time employees and dependents through

17.9 Flexible Spending Accounts

If you have major out-of-pocket expenses covered by insurance, or child/elder care expenses, flexible spending accounts can help. A flexible spending account allows you to make these payments with your earned income before taxes are deducted. This saves you tax dollars. 

17.10 Retirement Plan

AdventHealth maintains an excellent retirement plan for eligible employees. The plan, called the Adventist Healthcare Retirement Plan (AHRP), provides for employer cash contributions to employee accounts.  AdventHealth also matches a portion of the funds that employees voluntarily contribute to their AHRP account.

17.11 Resources for Living Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

All employees and their family members are eligible to participate in the Resources for Living Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The program is available to any household member you are legally and financially responsible for. The EAP offers unlimited short-term counseling sessions by phone or up to five face-to-face visits with licensed professionals per issue.  Resources for Living is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

17.12 AHU Tuition Benefit

Full-time AHU staff and their immediate family members (spouse and children only) are eligible to enroll in undergraduate classes at AHU with tuition and required fees (such as matriculation, lab, professional fees, etc.) waived. Full-time employees are eligible for tuition and required fees for MHA courses. AHU employees are not eligible for the AdventHealth Employee tuition benefits.

Full-time Staff:

Qualify for free undergraduate tuition and fees, either on campus or online.

Qualify for free MHA tuition and fees, either on campus or online if approved by the Provost and the President.

A maximum of four hours may be taken during the workday, and hourly employees must check out while in class.

Immediate Family Members (spouse and children only):

Qualify for free undergraduate tuition and fees, either on campus or online.

“AHU Tuition Benefit” form: Before enrolling in a course, staff must have the permission of their Department Director or Supervisor by completing and submitting an “AHU Tuition Benefit” form each trimester to the Office of Human Resources.

Books & Fees: Books and elective fees (such as finance, parking, etc.) will be the responsibility of the staff or family member.

FAFSA/Aid Application: The full-time staff or the family member will be required (if they have not already earned a baccalaureate degree) to complete (FAFSA) and the AHU Aid Application to determine eligibility for grants before the tuition benefits will be applied to the appropriate account.

17.13 Health Club Membership Reimbursement

Effective September 2019, the Health Club Membership Reimbursement is discontinued.

17.14 AdventHealth Rewards: Merchant Discounts

AHU employees are AdventHealth employees, which entitles them to benefit from the discounts offered by merchants who are affiliated with AdventHealth. Please visit for a complete listing.

17.15 Event Ticket Discounts

AHU employees also receive discounted tickets to theme parks, shows, and much more. Please visit for a complete listing. You will need to register on the website. For first-time users, please use FLHOSP as your password. Once you complete that step, you will be able to create a screen name and your own personalized password.

17.16 AH Credit Union

Employees are eligible for a checking and/or savings account at the AH Credit Union. Please visit for further information.

17.17 Personal Information Access

Employees have access to their personal information online. Please visit HR Online to sign on. You may view your paycheck, change your address, update W-4, view PDO, and update direct deposit information.