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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Distance Admission Information

Applying to Adventist University of Health Sciences

The Off-Site Admissions Center assists prospective distance students, applicants, and current students with any needs relating to general admission to Adventist University of Health Sciences or to a specific program. The office can be reached by calling 888-768-6276.

Important information for applicants:

It is understood that timely information regarding admission status is very important. The following steps are used in processing the application paperwork once it has been received.

  1. During the application process, prospective students are encouraged to contact their Distance Enrollment Specialist at the number listed above for information regarding processes and questions about becoming an Adventist University student. Applicants will not be considered for admission until all admission materials have been received.
  2. Completed files will be sent to the main campus of Adventist University to be reviewed by Enrollment Services and the admission committee for the program to which the student is applying. Students will be notified of the committee’s admission decision.

Privacy Policy for Applicants to Adventist University

Adventist University of Health Sciences regards each applicant as an adult capable of transacting his or her own “business” relating to the application, enrollment, and progression processes at our University. Adventist University acknowledges the important role of family in the University decision. When applying, each applicant is given the opportunity to identify family members who have permission to discuss their admission file with our office. However, there are certain limitations to the information we can disclose to anyone but the applicant. Once an applicant is accepted, his or her information is subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Admission Deadline Information

All applicants must submit required admission materials by the admission deadline for the trimester in which they plan to enroll. Adventist University of Health Sciences does not accept late registrations. New applications received after the admission deadline will be considered for the following trimester.

Program Admission

Applicants to any of the distance Bachelor’s completion degree programs should refer to the section of the Academic Bulletin specific to the department associated with that program for admission requirements. Admitted distance students may be considered a Pre-Bridge, Bridge, or Pre-BSN student, depending on the program to which they are applying, until they have satisfied the specific general education requirements to be eligible for the first program course. They will, however, be considered degree-seeking and eligible for financial aid. Progression requirements apply for students moving from Phase I to Phase II courses.

For admission deadlines, please refer to www.adu.edu/enrollment/applicationdeadlines.

Distance Undergraduate Enrollment Interruption

The following policy refers to reactivation or reapplication steps for distance undergraduate students who were accepted but did not enroll, students with an enrollment interruption of three trimesters or less, students with an enrollment interruption of more than three trimesters, and alumni pursuing a new program of study.

Accepted Students Who Do Not Enroll

Students who have been accepted to a distance program and choose not to enroll for the specific trimester for which they were admitted, have two trimesters after the trimester of acceptance to enroll before all new documents may be required. For example, if a student is admitted for Fall trimester, he or she can postpone enrollment and attend during the subsequent Spring or Summer terms. However, if enrollment is postponed for a year (Fall trimester the year aft er he or she was initially admitted), the student will need to reapply. If it is within the one-year time frame, a student is required to submit:

  • Updated transcript(s) for any additional University work
  • Current copy of licensure or professional registration.

If it has been more than three trimesters, the student will be required to reapply to the University and must provide new admission documents1. This new information will be re-evaluated by the program admission committee and a new admission decision given at that time. Students should contact the Off -Site Admission Office for more information regarding what is required of them to reapply. Admission, registration, and financial aid deadlines will apply.

1 Recommendation forms, official transcripts, and career essays received for applicants with an Adventist University application will be retained for one year, if the applicant does not become a student in that time. Applications received without an official transcript(s), career essay, and/or recommendation forms will be retained for six months.

Enrolled Students with an Enrollment Interruption of Three Trimesters or Less

Students attending Adventist University of Health Sciences with an enrollment interruption of three trimesters or less are also required to submit a Program Readmission Form, any updated transcript(s) for additional college work completed during the enrollment interruption, and an updated copy of licensure or professional registration. A new GPA will be calculated for the student and a new admission status assigned, if necessary. Students have until the last day of the third trimester to reactivate their file, but must still meet published admission deadlines to re-enroll. After the last day of the third trimester, students must reapply to the University.

Enrolled Students with an Enrollment Interruption of More than Three Trimesters

Students with an enrollment interruption of more than three trimesters will need to reapply and will be re-evaluated by the program admission committee. Students should contact the Off-Site Admission Office for more information regarding what is required of them to reapply. Admission, registration, and financial aid deadlines will apply.

A hold will be placed on the student record to prevent registration until these requirements are met.

Placement Testing for Pre-Bridge or Bridge Students

Distance students accepted to Pre-Bridge or Bridge programs may be required to take placement testing for English and math. They will need to contact the Center for Academic Achievement at 407-303-7747 x 110-6413 to set up a time and place to complete this testing.

If the student does not place on the exam, he or she may:

  1. Take remedial coursework and retake the placement test.
  2. Take remedial coursework and English Composition I or College Algebra at another institution and submit proof of successful completion of the course(s).
  3. Take English Composition I or College Algebra at another institution to be transferred to Adventist University.

Background Check Requirement

Adventist University of Health Sciences requires all new students to complete a background check before registering for the first time. This information is needed for participation in Service-Learning projects and in clinical settings. The student is responsible for all costs incurred during this process.

Students should refer to www.adu.edu/enrollment/admission/backgroundchecks for information on how to complete this process. A background check registration hold will be placed for all students upon acceptance and will not be removed until the online report is received directly from the company. The student does not need to provide a copy unless one is requested. Background check reports from other sources will not be accepted.

Only one background check is required per degree for students unless they are not admitted to a professional program within two years of completing the first background check. If it has been more than two years, students will be required to complete a second background check. Adventist University alumni from one program will be required to complete a new background check, if they pursue another degree.

Background Check Discrepancy Policy

The Office of Student Services, in conjunction with Adventist University Human Resources, will do a preliminary review of all background checks. Any report that includes a report of an incident not previously disclosed by the applicant in his/her application for admission will be referred to the Vice President for Student Services for further consideration.

The Vice President for Student Services will speak to the applicant and then review the background check report and any additional information provided by the applicant. Adventist University may independently seek additional information about the incident that is the subject of the report. If it does so, it will share any additional information obtained with the applicant.

Each case will be considered individually, and no information will automatically result in the revocation of acceptance. A decision regarding final acceptance will be made only after careful review of factors including, but not limited to, the nature and seriousness of the offense, the circumstances under which the offense occurred, the relationship between the offense and the program to which the student is applying (including its clinical components), the age of the person when the offense was committed, whether the offense was isolated or part of a pattern of behavior, the length of time since the offense was committed, past employment and volunteer experience, past history of misconduct at prior institutions, evidence of successful rehabilitation, and forthrightness of the information about the incident in the opportunities for self-reporting.

After fully considering each referred applicant, the Vice President for Student Services will give his or her admission recommendation to the Office of Enrollment Services. If it is determined that the undisclosed incident is not the result of dishonesty or deception, the background check will be forwarded to the appropriate department chair for consideration relative to the professional accrediting body’s guidelines.

Readmission After Unsuccessful Progression in a Degree Program

Students who have not successfully progressed in a degree program will be withdrawn from that program, but not necessarily from the University. They must notify the program chair of their desire to be readmitted by submitting a Reapplication Form to the department and a Program Readmission Form to the Office of Enrollment Services. Students should also check with Enrollment Services to ensure that no additional documentation is required. Readmission is not automatic and is contingent upon available space. Students will be readmitted under current program policies (see individual program section in the current Academic Bulletin for additional requirements and details).


Distance applicants who have been denied admission to the University may reapply to Adventist University of Health Sciences for the next trimester as long as they have successfully met the minimum admission requirements. Before reapplying, these individuals must submit any additional official transcripts documenting the successful completion of coursework required to raise their admission GPA. In addition, applicants should contact the Off -Site Admissions Center to determine if other documents will be necessary.

Alumni Pursuing a New Course of Study

Graduates of Adventist University of Health Sciences who choose to pursue an additional degree program on campus must submit a program application from their student page. Undergraduate alumni seeking admission to a graduate program must complete a new application online. All published admission requirements must be submitted by the deadline for the undergraduate or graduate program to which the alumni are applying.

Transcripts collected during the first admission cycle will not need to be resubmitted if applying to a campus undergraduate program as long as they are still in the possession of the University, are stored legibly in the University’s archive system, and have not been subject to purging according to the Document Retention Policy. Course time limits may apply to courses previously taken at Adventist University.

Academic Information References

All distance students should refer to the Academic Information  and department sections of the Undergraduate Academic Bulletin. In addition, students should refer to the program-specific manuals and reference guides.