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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences

Health and Biomedical Sciences

Department Chair: Anael Santos

Vice-Chair of Humanities: Julie Cook

Vice-Chair of Science, Mathematics and Technology, and Director of Biomedical Programs: Christopher Campbell 

Vice-Chair of Religion, and Director of M.S. in Spiritual Care Program: Stan Dobias

Director of Academic Scholarship and Center of Population Health Research: Russ Butler

Faculty: Karen Austin, Sara Austin, Russ Butler, Christopher Campbell, Julie Cook, Glenice DeBique, Stan Dobias, Nadia Edwin, Sebastian Farrell, Stefanie Johnson, Bryan Lounsberry, Janis Lowry, Alicia Patterson, Carlo Semerzier, Zdravko Stefanovic, Veon Stewart, Shelly-Ann Taylor, Yvette Saliba, Anael Santos, Andy Lampkin, Jeffrey Steinke

Adjunct Professional Faculty: Edith Britton, Althiea Farrell, Michael Lay, Steve Paquet, Sagarika Sahu, Gretchka Mair Hernandez, Chris Litten, Jack Scarbrough

Adjunct: Lenore Brantley

Emeritus Faculty: Ernie Bursey

Mission Statement

The Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences seeks to enhance the spiritual, physical, ethical, and cultural lives of the students at AdventHealth University, and offers degree programs that would enhance the quality of healthcare.

It provides general education courses to students who are:

  • Enrolled in a professional program;
  • Seeking admission into a professional program;
  • Desiring to encapsulate the first two years of general education courses into an Associate of Science degree in Pre-Professional Studies; and
  • Working toward completion of degrees offered by the Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences.

Statement on General Competencies

The Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences requires that its students must be competent in English, mathematics, religion, and basic sciences, including chemistry, biology, and physics. The students will be evaluated by means of the Proficiency Profile test.

Registration and Advising

All students in the Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences will have a registration hold placed on their account prior to registration. To remove the hold, students must meet with his or her advisor to discuss and review alignment of registration plans and future program goals.

General Education Studies Admission

Applicants who meet the general requirements for admission to AdventHealth University (see General College Admission  in the Admission Information  section) will enroll in general education courses offered by the Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences.

Clinical Placements


Associate of Science

Bachelor of Science

Master of Science