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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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          Administration                         Board of Trustees        


Edwin I. Hernandez, PhD

Donald E. Williams, PhD
Assistant to the President for Mission

Ruben Martinez, MA
Senior Vice President for Finance

Stephen Roche, PhD
Senior Vice President for Student Services

Len M. Archer, PhD
Vice President for Academic Administration

Dan Lim, PhD
Vice President for Academic Administration for Educational Technology and Distance Education

Lonnie Mixon, MBA
Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations

Starr Bender, BS
Chief Compliance Officer

Deena Slockett, EdD.
Chief Operations for On-line Education

Associates in Administration

Enrique Aleman
Ness Café & Bookstore Manager

Ndala Booker, EdD
Director of the Center for Academic Achievement

Carol Bradfield, PhD
Development Officer

Eric Cadiente, BS
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Janet Calderón, PhD

Deanna Flores, MLIS
Director of the R.A. Williams Library

Grayson Goodman, BSBA
Chief Accountant

Charlotte Henningsen, MS
Associate Vice President for Faculty Development in Teaching & Learning

Roy Lukman, PhD
Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Katie Shaw, MS
Chief Operations for Denver

Fred Stephens, MBA
Director for Human Resources

Daisy Tabachow, BA
Director of Financial Aid

Travis Wooley, MS
Director for Information Technology

Board of Trustees

The following individuals were elected to the Board of Trustees by the College constituency. Further information about them, their activities, and their connection with ADU may be obtained by contacting them directly. Each member’s position on the Board, as well as his or her occupation, appears after his or her name.

Lars Houmann
Chairman: President/CEO, Florida Division, Adventist Health Systems

Ron Smith
Vice Chairman: President, Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

David E. Greenlaw
Secretary: President, Adventist University of Health Sciences

Diane Andrews
Trustee: Assistant Professor, UCF College of Nursing

Charles Bradford
Trustee Emeritus: Retired Clergy

Mike Cauley
Trustee: President, Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Daryl Tol
Trustee: President/CEO, Florida Hospital and Central Florida Region Adventist Health System

Jeffrey Kuhlman
Trustee: Senior VP/Associate Chief Medical Officer, Florida Hospital Orlando

Daryl Dixon
Trustee: CEO and Co-Founder, Valintry

Malcolm Gordon
Trustee Emeritus: Retired Clergyman

Robert Henderschedt
Trustee: Senior Vice President, Administration, Adventist Health System

Monica Reed
Trustee: Senior Vice President, Florida Hospital

Don Jones
Trustee: Vice President of Human Resources, Adventist Health System

Steve Silver
Trustee: Managing Member, Onix Group

Tom Werner
Trustee: Retired President of Adventist Health System