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2019-2020 Student Housing Handbook 
2019-2020 Student Housing Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Residence Hall Life

Student Housing Mailing Address

Bay Run Student Housing:
Your Name
3310 North Cornell Ave., Apt. #1
Orlando, FL 32804
LaSalle Student Housing:
Your Name
35 Roclair St.
Orlando, FL 32804


The typical apartment is furnished and includes a living room, kitchen, one, two, or three bedrooms, and a bath.  No existing furniture may be removed from your apartment or bedroom. No personal furniture may be added without the Dean’s approval. You will need to provide your own linens.

Student bedrooms are double occupancy, approximately 12’ x 16,’ and furnished with the following basic furniture:

  • Two twin-size beds
  • One dresser
  • Two desks 
  • Two chairs

Apartment Decorations

Apartments should be decorated in harmony with Christian principles. Use only sticky tack to affix wall posters. Avoid the use tape, nails, tacks, decals, bumper stickers, or contact paper, etc., as these items cannot be removed without causing damage. No structural or electrical alterations (including installation of ceiling fans or painting of room or furnishings) are to be made. Window blinds are provided and are not to be removed. Please use tension rods for any additional window treatment. Pictures and decorations reflecting obscenities, pornography, or satanic influence are prohibited.

Apartment Check-In

When you are assigned an apartment or move to a different apartment, complete a Check-in Form obtained at the Student Housing Office. It is important to list apartment damages on the Check-in Form before moving into an apartment. This form will be used for inspection when vacating the apartment. 

The Check-in Form must be returned to the Student Housing Office before moving any personal items into the apartment.

Apartment Check-Out

When all personal items have been removed from your assigned apartment, three forms:

  1. the Apartment Check-out sheet cleaning list,

  2. the Apartment Check-in/ Check-out Form, and

  3. the Change of Address Form must be completed and returned to the Student Housing Office with your apartment key, mailbox key, and parking decal.

The Dean or an RA must check you out. You must notify the Housing Office at least 24 hours in advance of checking out to make a check-out appointment.

Check-out hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please note:

  • Failure to check out properly will result in forfeiture of the security deposit.

  • AdventHealth University has no summer storage space.

  • Items left in an apartment upon check-out become the property of the University.


The filters on heating and air conditioning units will be cleaned once a month by the Maintenance Department. When leaving for University breaks, the unit should be set on low heat or air. Fan should always be on auto. It is important not to lower the air conditioning units below 68 degrees. This is to prevent freezing of the unit.

Energy Consumption

Please do your part to reduce energy costs. Make a conscious effort to turn off lights and other electrical equipment when not in use. Do not run A/C while windows are open.

Housing Fees

Fees for Student Housing are listed in the Fee Schedule section of the current Academic Catalog. Students commit to residing in Student Housing for the entire trimester.  Residents who move out before the end of the trimester will forfeit their security deposit and will be responsible for the entire trimester’s rent.  Students may vacate at the end of the trimester without penalty by filling out the Housing Intention Form and complying with all housing check-out procedures

Housing Deposit

A $200.00 security deposit is required before housing requests are processed. This deposit must be paid to the Business Office and will remain on file throughout your Housing Contract term. Deposits will not be refunded for room cancellations made after 30 days prior to the move-in date published in the Student Handbook.

Your security deposit will be returned when:

  • Check-out is complete, and confirmation is on file with the Business Office.
  • Housing deposits are only refunded in cash when student has a zero balance on their account.


Room keys and mailbox keys are issued upon check-in. Replacement keys are $200.00 each. Replacement mailbox keys are $25.00 each.

Laundry Facilities

Student Housing is equipped with three laundry facilities. Two are located at Bay Run and one at LaSalle. Students supply their own laundry detergent and supplies. The University does not assume responsibility for damaged or lost clothing during the use of laundry facilities.


Each apartment in Student Housing is assigned a mailbox. Mail is distributed throughout the week; and students are required to check their mailbox every 24 hours. Packages must be signed for by the addressee and may be picked up at the Student Housing Office.

Residents are required to maintain an active student e-mail account and provide the Housing Office with this information. Students are required to check their “” e-mail every 24 hours. Students are held accountable for any information sent to their University e-mail.

Maintaining Your Apartment

To foster good relationships and mutual respect, roommates should share the responsibilities of cleaning apartments.  Extreme uncleanliness:

  • Will jeopardize your Housing Status

  • May result in forfeiture of your security deposit

  • Add additional cleaning fees

Each resident is held responsible by housing staff to keep apartments clean. The Housing Office does not carry cleaning supplies for residential apartments.

New students check into housing throughout the trimester, and they expect to move into a clean apartment at Bay Run or LaSalle.  Therefore, apartments should always be clean and ready for a new roommate.

Suggested Cleaning Schedules are in every apartment. Resident Assistants will help facilitate cleaning schedules.

If an apartment is not maintained according the cleaning schedule, and immediate cleaning is deemed necessary by the University Administration, a professional may be hired to clean the apartment and cleaning fees will be charged to the current residents.

Moving Out of Student Housing

If the student does not enroll for the following term or has not made prior arrangements with the Dean, they will be required to check out of Student Housing within three (3) days after their last exam, class, or graduation.  Failure to notify the housing office of your intent to vacate Student Housing at least thirty (30) days prior to the last day of the trimester will result in forfeiture of the security deposit.  

Moving out after the deadline will result in the loss of the security deposit and a $100 per day charge to the student’s account. 

Moving out of Student Housing only occurs during Monday – Friday during the hours of 9am – 3pm. Hours outside of the designated time must be approved by the Dean.

Notice to Vacate

Students living in University housing will forfeit their security deposit, if they do not notify the Student Housing Office of their intention to move out of University housing at least thirty (30) days prior to the last day of the trimester.


Work Order Slips may be obtained from the Desk Receptionist in the Student Housing Office. Requests will be processed daily with the Maintenance Department.  If your request has not been completed within 48 hours, please notify the Desk Receptionist and submit a second request.  For emergencies, please contact the Dean, your RA, or the Desk Receptionist at 407.896.5869.

Room Changes

Residents may not move from one room to another or from one apartment to another without making arrangements with the Dean.  When a change is desired, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Talk to your roommate before requesting a change. This courtesy will help the process go smoothly.

  • Talk with your Resident Assistant.

  • Contact the Dean in person or via e-mail.If  approval is received, follow established Check-in/Check-out procedures.

The University reserves the right to change room or apartment assignments in the interest of health, discipline, or the general welfare of the residents and the University.

Room Damage

Residents should always keep their apartments clean and in good condition.  Residents are responsible for the condition of their apartment. Charges incurred for damages will be billed appropriately.

Damages are defined as repair or replacement of an item that is caused by activity or use beyond what is deemed normal wear and tear, even if the damage were accidental.


Residents are encouraged to have visitors. All visitors must abide by the University’s Visitor/Guest policies and be checked in at the Bay Run Office. All visitors must display the proper automobile pass which may be obtained from the Student Housing Office. Violations of this policy may result in the automobile’s being towed at the owner’s expense. Please notify each resident living in your apartment before allowing visitors into the apartment.  Visitors may not be in University Housing without the Resident they are visiting present. Visitor(s) regardless of gender are not allowed in the bedroom.  Visitors under 18 years of age should be accompanied by their caregiver and not left unattended. 

Communicating your roommate(s) and asking if it’s a good time for visitors is a matter of courtesy and respect.  If permission is granted, please advise your visitors that noise must be kept minimal. 

Bay Run Visitors

Visiting hours for same gender visitors are from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. (for opposite gender visitors see Opposite Gender Visitors section below).

Opposite Gender Visitors

The Dean on duty must give permission for individuals of the opposite gender to assist a resident with carrying heavy items in or out of the building. 

Immediate family members of the opposite gender must obtain an opposite gender pass to visit a student’s apartment. Requests to visit a room by opposite gender family members before 9:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p.m. will be denied. Visitors of the opposite gender may visit only under the following guidelines:

  • A Visitor’s Pass must be obtained from the Student Housing Office. This pass must be displayed on the front door of the apartment. 

  • Permission for your visitor must be granted by the Dean, on-duty Office Personnel, or an RA.

  • Limit for visitors is two (2) hours per day for residents under 21. The two-hour limit is strictly enforced. 

  • Visitors are allowed in common areas only (not in bathroom or bedroom).

  • The door to the apartment must remain unlock.

  • No visiting before 9:00 a.m. nor after 10:00 p.m.

  • Each resident living in the apartment must be notified before obtaining the Opposite Gender Pass.

  • Opposite Gender visitors are not allowed to visit in stairwells.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the loss of opposite gender privileges and may result in immediate dismissal from Student Housing.

LaSalle Visitors

Visiting hours for guests are from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.; and are allowed in common areas only (not in bathroom or bedroom).

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in immediate dismissal from Student Housing.

Overnight Guests

Overnight guests in Bay Run are currently not allowed in housing. This does not include residents. Residents may spend the night at another student’s apartment once:

  • Permission has been granted by the Dean.

  • Resident Assistants made aware.

  • Roommates have been notified.

Guest must be 21 and above to be considered for overnight guests. LaSalle Residents with private apartments may have an overnight same gender guest 3x a trimester for no more than 3 consecutive nights, once these steps are taken:

  • Permission has been granted by the Dean.

  • A copy of the Guest’s license and or federal issued ID is on file.

  • An Overnight Guest Form has been filled out.

  • If the Overnight Guest has a vehicle, it must be registered at the Student Housing Office.

Children (individuals under the age of 18) are not allowed overnight privileges in any of the University Housing apartments. Every request should be made in advance. Last minute inquiries will not be approved. Only the request made for weekends and holidays may be approved. The Overnight Guests Policy does not extend to school nights and weeknights.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of overnight guests’ privileges and may result in immediate dismissal from Student Housing.


Place all trash in sealed bags in the outdoor dumpsters located near the parking areas. Trash from your apartment should be emptied daily. Please do not discard trash bags in any of the trash cans located in front of each apartment. It is a violation of the fire code to leave trash on the stairways. Violations of this policy will result in a $100.00 fine.