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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Financial Information

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AdventHealth University offers students the opportunity to obtain a Christian education. Every effort will be made to assist students in meeting their financial obligations to reach this goal.

Information on student costs and the means of paying those costs are given below to assist students in financial planning.

Nurse Anesthesia, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy

Tuition for these graduate programs are assigned by the “Block Method.” Prior to the admission of a new cohort of students in these programs, an amount is set by the University to cover the entire tuition costs of a student who progresses to completion in the consecutive trimesters prescribed by the program.

Should the applicant, prior to admission, have satisfactorily completed at AdventHealth University any of the courses prescribed in the curricula, upon petition a tuition credit in the amount the student paid for the completed course may be credited to his/her account. Except for those armed forces veterans for military reservists called to active military duty, no other tuition refunds or waivers will be granted.

Healthcare Administration or Graduate General

Applicants who seek enrollment at AdventHealth University in the Healthcare Administration program or as graduate general students will be charged per credit hour for each course for which they enroll. All applicants are advised to consult the Tuition and Fee schedule.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Schedule

Following is the 2024-25 tuition and fee schedule. Tuition and fees are determined annually and are subject to change without prior notice.


Undergraduate Tuition and General Fees Amount
Tuition per credit hour $570.00
Matriculation fee (per trimester)1 $300.00
Professional Program deposit (non-refundable)2 $200.00
Audit per credit hour $285.00
Application fee $20.00
Science lab fee $50.00
Incomplete grade recording fee $15.00
Duplicate Diploma $100.00
Transcript Fee $5.00
Graduation fee (final trimester attended)4 $115.00
Replacement ID Badge $10.00
Late Registration flat fee  $75.00

For testing and exam fees, please see https://www.ahu.edu/university-testing-center

Professional Program Fees Amount
Allied Health Programs per trimester4 $160.00
Nursing per trimester in which clinical nursing courses are taken $450.00
Nursing Web-based curriculum support per trimester $95.00
Nursing unexcused clinical make-up $25.00/hr.
Final HESI Exam (2nd attempt, if applicable) $55.00
Nursing Skills Validation Examination $275.00

Graduate Tuition and Fee Schedule

Following is the 2024-25 tuition and fee schedule. Tuition and fees are determined annually and are subject to change without prior notice.

General Fees Amount
Matriculation fee (per trimester)1 $300.00
Professional Program deposit (non-refundable)2 $500.00
Application fee: MHA-SI/MBA & DNAP $100.00
Supplemental Application fee: EMHA, MHA-SI, MSN, MOT, PA & PT $50.00
Incomplete grade recording fee $15.00
Duplicate Diploma $100.00
Graduation fee (final trimester attended)4 $115.00
Transcript fee $5.00
Replacement ID Badge $10.00
Tuition per credit hour $690.00
Audit per Credit Hour $345.00
Late Registration flat fee $75.00


Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Amount
Program Tuition Cost $105,000.00
Professional Fee (per trimester)4 $600.00


Doctoral of Physical Therapy Amount
Program Tuition Cost $102,800.00
Professional Fee (per trimester)4 $500.00


Doctor of Nursing Practice Amount
Tuition per credit hour $690.00
MSNP 535 Lab Fee $300.00
DNPC 720 Lab Fee $300.00
DNP (clinical and non-clinical tracks) Professional Fee (per trimester) $500.00


Master of Science in Nursing Amount
Tuition per credit hour $690.00
MSN-FNP Professional Program Fees (per trimester)4 $400.00
MSN-Education Professional Program Fees (per trimester) $50.00

MSN-Admin & Leadership Professional Program Fees (per trimester)



Healthcare Administration Graduate Degrees/ Graduate General Studies Amount
Tuition per credit hour $690.00
Professional Fee MHA (per trimester)4 $250.00
Audit per credit hour $345.00


Master of Science in Spiritual Care           Amount
Tuition per credit hour $690.00
Audit per credit hour $345.00


Master of Occupational Therapy Amount
Program Tuition Cost $77,250.00
Professional Fee (per trimester)4 $250.00


Master of Science in Physician Assistant Amount
Program Tuition Cost $81,500.00
Professional Fee (per trimester)4 $725.00


 Housing Fee Schedule

Housing Fees6 Amount
Semiprivate room rental per person per trimester (non-refundable) $3,100.00
Private room rental per person per trimester (non-refundable) $3,300.00
Private apartment rental per person per trimester (non-refundable) $3,600.00
Laundry Fee per trimester included in rent
Room deposit (refundable, see AHU Housing Handbook) $200.00

1 The matriculation fee is used to subsidize the costs of activities and services provided to all students by the following major support departments: Office of the Registrar, Office of Admissions, Information Technology, and Student Affairs.
2 For students accepted to professional programs, the deposit is applied toward tuition once the student enrolls in the program.
3The current balance for the final trimester must be paid in full (or satisfactory arrangements made) before graduation. The graduation fee is used to subsidize the review of graduation applications and the resolution of related issues, as well as the printing and mailing of official transcripts and diplomas. While a portion of this fee is used to defray the cost of the graduation ceremony, the total cost associated with conferring a degree is incurred by the University, regardless of a student’s attendance at the ceremony. Therefore, this fee is charged to every student, whether or not he or she chooses to attend the graduation ceremony.
4The professional fee is used to subsidize clinicals and other fees.  Other fees includes lab and course supplies, and equipment.
5There is a family discount of 10% per resident for two or more siblings if both are residing in the University housing.


Health Insurance

All students who will participate in a clinical environment are required to carry health insurance, and must maintain this insurance for the duration of the program.

Student Accounts

All tuition and fees must be paid each trimester by the dates indicated on the “Payment Method” page of the online registration process. Tuition and fees may be covered by financial aid for those who are eligible. All account balances must be settled or arrangements made with the Financial Services Office prior to registering for a new trimester. Any remaining balance on a student’s account must be paid in full before transcripts or diplomas are released.

Payment Methods

For making payments on student accounts, the Financial Services Office accepts cash, personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and debit cards (VISA or MasterCard logo).

Third-Party Payment

When registering for classes, those students who are arranging for a third party to make payments to the University for tuition and fees must complete the 3rd Party Billing Form and submit this form to the Financial Services Office. Third-party payment sources include: Conference subsidy, Florida Prepaid, Vocational Rehabilitation, a current employer, or any other party that has agreed to make full or partial payment for tuition and fees. Invoicing to any third party will occur aft er the add/drop period closes.

If tuition and fees are partially or fully covered by WorkForce Central Florida or Vocational Rehabilitation, the student must obtain a Tax Exempt Form from the Financial Services Office. This form must be completed and presented to the University Bookstore when textbooks are purchased or charged to the student account. ORIGINAL bookstore receipts must be submitted to the Financial Services Office for third-party invoicing purposes. Items on the receipt marked “Misc.” must be clarified on the receipt. Misc. items not clarified must be paid out of pocket. If original bookstore receipts are not received by the close of the add/drop period, the student will be responsible for all bookstore charges.

If tuition and fees are fully or partially covered by Florida Prepaid, and the student is transferring from a previous institution, a Transfer Form must be completed. This form can be obtained by calling Florida Prepaid at 1-800-552-4723 or by e-mailing schoolhelp@florida529plans.com.


Monthly statements will be mailed directly to each student’s primary address. Billing statements can be viewed online via each student’s password-protected my.ahu.edu Student Account section. Students will receive a monthly email with instructions on how to view and pay any outstanding balances online. For more information on viewing a student account online, please contact the Business Office. 

Delinquent Accounts

Students completing or terminating their studies at AdventHealth University are required to make arrangements for payment of unpaid accounts prior to leaving.

If no payment or response to correspondence or other communication is received within 60 days after a student’s departure, the unpaid account balance will be submitted to a collection agency or an attorney.

If AdventHealth University employs a collection agency or an attorney to collect defaulted accounts, all charges for these services, including court costs, if incurred, will be added to the unpaid bill.

Parking Violation

A $50 parking ticket will be assessed for parking violations on campus. If payment is not made within 30 days of the initial parking violation, a parking fine of $100 will be assessed to the student account.

Transcripts, Diplomas, Test Scores, and Graduation Participation

It is the policy of AdventHealth University to withhold transcripts, diplomas, test scores, certificates, and other records if a student has any unpaid or past-due balance. These documents will be issued when the account is paid in full. To expedite the release of these documents, the student should send a money order or certified check to cover the balance of the account when requesting documents.

Refund Policy 

Refund of tuition will be at 100% for the first seven calendar days of the academic session. After the seventh calendar day, there is no refund of tuition. After the seventh calendar day, the Drop/Withdrawal Form must be completed with the required signatures and filed with the Office of the Registrar. 

Application fees are non-refundable. Matriculation, lab, and professional fees will be refunded if a student receives 100% refund on all classes for the trimester without incurring any processing fees. Book returns are subject to the AdventHealth University Bookstore return policy.

Students who do not officially withdraw from courses during the tuition refund period will be responsible for the full amount of the applicable tuition and fees.


Refund Schedule

Time Period Refund
First seven calendar days of the session 100% refund
Eighth calendar day and beyond No refund


Exceptions to the AHU Refund Policy

There are no tuition refunds for Nurse Anesthesia, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Physical Therapy, except for those armed forces veterans for military reservists called to active military duty

Refund Policy for Credit Balance on Account

A credit balance on the account of a currently enrolled student may be left on the account to be applied to future charges, or the student may request, in writing, that a check be issued to him or her in the amount of the credit balance. At least three-to-five business days are required to process the request.

A student who is no longer enrolled at AdventHealth University may request, in writing, a refund of any credit balance still remaining on his or her account 45 days after the final monthly statement is issued.

If the student has received financial aid during the current trimester, any credit balance will be refunded according to the financial aid policy.


AdventHealth University provides a limited amount of housing for students. Placement in Student Housing is based on the following priorities: enrollment in a degree program, returning students, students with completed housing files, and space availability. Housing Commitment and Deposit Forms are available from Marketing and Public Relations or the Student Housing Coordinator.

University Housing Deposit

A $200 damage deposit is required of all students living in University housing. Deposits should be mailed directly to Financial Services at the time of application for housing.

Students are expected to maintain and leave University housing clean and undamaged. After the Student Housing Coordinator completes the check-out procedures, Financial Services will be notified, and the $200 room deposit will be applied to the student’s account. If the deposit creates a credit due to the student, the student may submit a written request to Financial Services to receive a refund.

Damage and cleaning costs will be charged to the student’s account if the room deposit is insufficient to cover those costs.

For complete information on University housing costs, please refer to the AHU Housing Handbook.

Non-Liability for Personal Belongings

When determining what to bring to campus, students should remember that AdventHealth University is not responsible for the personal belongings of any student, even though such belongings may be required by the University. In addition, the AdventHealth University insurance plan does not insure the personal belongings of any individual. The University recommends that students consider carrying insurance to cover such losses.