May 28, 2022  
2015-2016 Employee Handbook 
2015-2016 Employee Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Employee Responsibilities

6.1 ID Badges

Adventist University of Health Sciences ID Badges are issued to employees at the beginning of his/her employment. The ADU ID badge should be worn at all time on campus and should be worn on the upper portion of the chest on the outer garment. The I.D. Badge completes the employee’s professional image as part of the ADU team. The first badge is free. A replacement badge costs $10.00.

6.2 Attendance

It is vital that every employee arrive to work on time, ready to perform his/her duties for the duration of the assigned work schedule. Hourly employees are required to clock out and in for lunch. Chronic absenteeism and excessive tardiness, even for valid reasons, interferes with our ability to give the best service to our students, visitors, and employees. Absenteeism and excessive tardiness may be cause for termination of employment. It is important that you inform your supervisor, director or Department Chair if you will be absent or tardy.

6.3 Employee Meetings/Professional Development

Employees are required to attend University Faculty/Staff meetings, Professional Development, Graduation, Convocation, PULSE week and PULSE check meetings.

6.4 Attendance at Professional Meetings

Employees are encouraged to actively participate in professional associations. Each year, as part of the budget approval process, the departmental budget will provide reimbursement for employees to do so. Employees will submit for approval a travel authorization form with all estimated expenses to their department heads prior to the event. Approved travel will be reimbursed after the expenses have been incurred and only subsequent to filing an expense report with appropriate documentation.
No reimbursement shall be made under these provisions for activities at professional meetings and conventions which take place during the hours of the Sabbath.

6.5 Graduation

Commencement ceremonies follow the end of the spring and fall trimesters each year. Administration and Associates in Administration are required to participate in the Commencement Processional. Staff are welcome to march if they choose. Information on graduation is distributed early in the spring and fall trimesters each year. All employees are required to attend the commencement ceremony.