Jul 13, 2020  
2015-2016 Employee Handbook 
2015-2016 Employee Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Merit Award Criteria

Merit Awards recognize the accomplishments of selected employees in the areas of professional achievement and institutional values. The eleven Merit Awards and their criteria are described and located on the R: drive under “Merit Awards.” There are three categories of awards:

18.1 Academic Awards

Academic awards include Educator of the Year and awards for scholarship and professional service.

18.2 Values Awards

Values awards are given for each of the core values of ADU: Nurture, Excellence, Spirituality, and Stewardship.

18.3 Adjunct Faculty Awards

Adjunct Faculty awards are given to adjunct faculty members for embodying the core values of ADU and for teaching excellence.

Recipients of these awards are selected from a list of individuals nominated by their peers. Academic awardees are nominated from full-time ADU faculty, Values awardees are nominated from full-time ADU employees, and Adjunct Faculty awardees are nominated from full-time and adjunct ADU faculty. Nominations are made to the committee which is comprised of the previous year’s recipients. Committee recommendations are made to the President for final approval.