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2023-2024 Student Handbook 
2023-2024 Student Handbook

Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries is dedicated to providing students a place to belong, regardless of their beliefs.  Our purpose is to help you find a home…with others, with God, and even with yourself.  We offer opportunities for worship and spiritual growth, social connection, and service to the community.  You can find details about our programs and events in your student planner, in your email inbox, or on our social media sites. We want you to know that you are not alone in your journey at AHU.


Your University experience can be some of the most exciting years of your life; however, these years can also cause a lot of stress. During your journey here, you may be thinking about careers, a life partner, where to live, and where to work. As you embark on this new path, our doors at the Office of Mission will be open if you need someone to talk with or a moment of peace. We will not pretend to have all the answers, but we are happy to listen, laugh, cry, and pray with you. We will help you explore your options and seek wisdom from God’s Word. We, as chaplains, are committed to being available to you succeed.

Contact Us

Follow us on social media for the most up-to-date info:

Facebook:      AHU Campus Ministries (group page)

Instagram:      @ahuministries

Office Phone: 407-303-9383


Chaplain Reynold Acosta


(407) 448-5335


Chaplain Niesha Steinke


(407) 850-8815


Chaplain Karen Pastor


(407) 409-2210

Serve with Us

Campus Ministries offers you the opportunity to serve others both here and abroad.  We offer various opportunities to serve in the local community as well as two international mission trips, which occur during the breaks between trimesters in April and August.  You can even elect to dedicate a whole year of your life to serving others as a student missionary. For more information on any of these opportunities, call us or visit the Chaplains’ offices located on the second floor of the Campus Center building.

Worship with Us

Fill Your Cup

Every Wednesday morning at 7:40am and 9:40am EST, bring your cup of coffee or tea and join your chaplains online for a brief devotional and prayer.  Let God fill your spiritual cup to carry you through the rest of the week. 


Are you worn out by the time Friday comes around?  Come let your heart, mind, and soul be restored with your AHU family.  Join us at 7:00pm EST in the Campus Center Chapel for dinner, fellowship, and worship.  All are welcome.

Local Churches

Every Saturday morning, worship services are held at many Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) churches in the Orlando area. Live or archived services can be viewed at the following links:

A list of additional SDA and other denominational churches in the area can be found here.

Grow with Us

Small Groups

Would you like to connect with others?  Learn something new?  Grow outside of your comfort zone?  Our small groups are just the place to do all of the above in the intimate setting of 6-8 people.  We offer a regular rotation of small groups each term that includes Bible studies, book clubs, art groups, and more.  Check out our social media or ask a chaplain for more information.

Spiritual and Premarital Counseling

The campus chaplains are available for spiritual and premarital counseling. Stop by the Office of Mission or call 407-303-9383 to schedule an appointment. Recommended resources:

  • Prepare-Enrich - prepare-enrich.com
  • Five Love Languages - fivelovelanguages.com
  • Total Money Makeover - daveramsey.com
Online Bibles

Our Faith

At AdventHealth University, we believe:

  • God brought the universe into existence.  Therefore,
    • We know God through creation
    • We believe everything is within God’s interest and care
    • We recognize God as the Source of truth and goodness
  • All Truth is God’s Truth.  Therefore,
    • We find truth in both scripture and science
    • We believe only God has complete knowledge and wisdom
    • We honor God when we expand the boundaries of our knowledge
  • All Goodness is God’s Goodness.  Therefore,
    • We accept God as the Source of all life-promoting values
    • We thrive when we live by God’s values
    • We believe all who live by these values are connected to their Creator
  • Jesus Christ is our clearest picture of God.  Therefore,
    • We encounter Him as Immanuel (God with us) – the First Advent
    • We find Him when we accept His life and death
    • We invite others to know God through Him
  • Each person is created in the Image of God. Therefore,
    • We accept the immeasurable value of each person
    • We treat everyone as a child of God
    • We build with them the family of God
  • We experience brokenness in our relationship with God. Therefore,
    • We commit to restoring that connection
    • We seek, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the healing of the whole person
    • We nurture, with God, a community of wounded healers
  • Sabbath is God’s sacred shelter.  Therefore,
    • We rejoice in the harmony it brings to our lives
    • We connect with God and others within its tranquil hours
    • We experience in it a foretaste of eternity ushered in at the Second Advent
  • Christ is the Great Educator.  Therefore,
    • We learn from His example
    • We guide our students through His wisdom
    • We honor Him by teaching them to serve others

For more information on SDA beliefs, contact our campus chaplains or visit www.adventist.org