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2019-2020 Employee Handbook 
2019-2020 Employee Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

4. Professional Ethics

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4.1 Relationship to Christ  4.4 Relationship to Univeristy and its Administrators
4.2 Relationship to Students 4.5 Relationship to the Non-Academic Community
4.3 Relationship to Colleagues  

4.1 Relationship to Christ

AdventHealth University has high academic standards and a strong commitment to preparing outstanding healthcare professionals. Additionally, AHU is a Christian educational institution, which recognizes that God plays a significant role in the affairs of humanity, especially in the area of the University’s specialty: the education of healthcare professionals. The pattern that Christ established during His life on earth is especially important to employees. His overriding concern for His fellow human beings, His complete absorption in His “Father’s business,” and His utter dependence on God for His personal strength, all are instructive for employees as they develop their own professional practice.

4.2 Relationship to Students

Students are regarded as valuable individuals to whom God assigns great worth. Therefore, by respecting their students and becoming learners with them, employees model for them the attributes of the finest professionals.

4.3 Relationship to Colleagues

Employees must respect and support their colleagues. Higher education should be a place of collaboration and a team spirit based on the shared goal of student success. As such, professional differences should be resolved in a professional manner. There should never be a place for disparaging remarks to colleagues or students.

4.4 Relationsip to the University and it Administrators

Employees must support and promote the mission, vision, and policies of the University (See 2. Mission of the University). When they cannot with good conscience do so, they should withdraw from University employment. Employees should practice a lifestyle that is consistent with the Christian values of the University.

4.5 Relationship to the Non-Academic Community

Employees should contribute to their community and church according to their capabilities and available time. They must not publicize their political or religious views if, by doing so, they would demean the reputation of the University or would impair student or community confidence.